Friday, November 6, 2020

Everything too radical for academia, and the problem of diminishing attention spans



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> mode(summary)

> ref(radical_528)[aux]

import /opt/ntv.lang 

Courtesy "EN" documentation for people who still don't understand that "EN" is not my ntv.lang

Academia is too verbose. Too easy to lose the spirit of decolonization {some variety.ref among prepositional phrases} all the Euro-centric and colonial-specific historic details that "ivy league" and their aspiring counterparts slam down in the book sellers. Is the equivalent of drowning in irrelevant and largely-useless data.  We don't need any more angles from the white man.   

Decolonizing requires the human go back further to/on their home continent where their great great great great great great ancestors ruins have stories unique to them, ones indigenous folks here are not necessarily interested in today. Especially and including the noise pollution of politics! 

Justice for the oldest peoples on Turtle Island has been in the queue the longest.  Our clan mother-based Supreme Court will always outrule anything the sleazy "US Supreme Court" might say.  All of the translations reached the same conclusion: there's no honor in that court.

Three hundred sixty-three revolutions ago, there were no English names on the back of Turtle Island. Nobody wanted or needed Greco-Roman anything, and the greed of Italian accountants was only beginning to become apparent to the European masses. This is a story rooted in fact, not fiction:




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